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The Theodora Allen Memorial Scholarship endowment was established in 2003 to support both undergraduate and graduate social work students. With your help, we would like to award three scholarships in 2022 to students struggling to meet their academic and/or basic needs. First generation students in particular face barriers which impact their abilities to stay in school and graduate on time.

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In the past 18 years, more than 25 students have received financial support from the Theodora Allen Memorial Scholarship. One recipient has received her PhD., and others have gone on to earn MSW degrees. Whatever their level of education, all have graduated and used their educations to enhance their communities. College education is expensive with many social work students taking out student loans and working to pay for tuition and living expenses. Scholarship support lowers student debt, and the anxiety students experience from the uncertainty of paying for college. Recipients of the Theodora Allen Memorial Scholarship are able to focus more fully on their social work educations when financial support is provided. Please join us today and invest in the future of a deserving social work student who needs our help!


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