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Since its founding in 1914, the IU School of Nursing has established itself as one of the leading institutions in nursing education, growing into one of the largest nursing schools in the country. With a donation to the IU Nursing Student Emergency Fund, your contribution will be providing direct aid to IUPUI, Bloomington, and Fort Wayne nursing students who are most in need on their journey to become a nurse.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic first swept the world off its feet, nurses stood on the front lines to protect and serve communities around the world. It is no secret the hardships which people have faced during this time of crisis. While many have the ability to pass through the pandemic from the safe confinement of their homes, nursing students are risking their own health by sharing the floor with healthcare professionals to help combat the pandemic. Since 1914, the IU School of Nursing has prepared nurses to be world-class leaders who are ready to jump into the frontlines. However, for some, unsurmountable financial hardships stand between them and their education. With a donation to the IU Nursing Student Emergency Fund, you will support students who may not be able to afford next month’s rent, or their electric bill, or their textbooks. The fund is designated to provide for those who are most in need, allowing them to clear the financial burdens that can impact their academic progress. With each gift you are not only impacting a student’s life, but you are helping shape the future of healthcare.

We understand that 2020 was one of the toughest years in recent memory, therefore we appreciate each donation that is made. Each gift is important and collectively we make a tremendous impact. Thank you for supporting our future nurses.


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