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Supporting the IUSD Alumni Association helps provide quality programs that keep our alumni engaged with the school and each other. Join other IUSD Alumni in celebrating IU Day by making a gift to the IUSD Alumni Association Priority Fund.

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Dating back to 1890, the IUSD Alumni Association has been proud to provide our alumni with ways to stay connected to the dental school. From our annual class reunion weekends, to alumni cruises and continuing education opportunities, our alumni association has been able to keep alumni informed and engaged with the school and with fellow alumni.

In order to continue to provide programming for our alumni, we need your help. The Indiana University Alumni Association is restructuring. The funds that have been allocated to the IUSD in the past are being phased out and will no longer be available. In order to continue, we need to become a self-sustaining group.

With you support, you can help us continue to provide you and future alumni with opportunities to stay connected to the IUSD.

Thank you for your support of the IUSD Alumni Association and the IUSD Alumni Association Priority Fund. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Evans at mae3@iu.edu


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Lisa Baker DDS
$1000.002 days ago
Michael Luarde, D.D.S. and Deborah Luarde, D.D.S
$10000.003 days ago
George Zundo, D.D.S
$1000.003 days ago
David Mannia and Debra Mannia, DDS
$2000.003 days ago
Prof. Gail Williamson
$1000.006 days ago
Jennifer A. Kennedy DDS
$1000.001 week ago
Brian Oyler DDS
$500.001 week ago
Jeff and Barbie Dean
$750.002 weeks ago
Karen Jones
$200.002 weeks ago
Will and Michelle Hine
$500.003 weeks ago
Steven Buedel DDS
$250.003 weeks ago
Steven and Jennifer Hollar
$1000.003 weeks ago