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Our Red Scrubs Scholarship has been a tremendous success, with 16 students receiving scholarships in 2020. But our Red Scrubs piggy is running low on funds … and we don’t want to have to break the bank!

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Red Scrubs was established to help our student nurses pay for expenses other students don’t have, such as stethoscopes, testing and licensing fees … even the red scrubs themselves!

With COVID-19 causing many of our students to lose the part-time jobs they need to pay these expenses, the Red Scrubs fund has never been more important. And that is why we’re asking for your help.

Please consider a gift of $25. But your gift – of any size – will go a long way in making sure that our Red Scrubs Scholarship helps our students in need. And our students’ heartfelt ‘thank you’ is something you can bank on.

So please take a few minutes to celebrate IU Day by giving to the Red Scrubs Scholarship!


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