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Make a gift to the Kinsey Institute Research Fund to support important research being conducted at the Kinsey Institute, including new COVID-19 research.

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New studies investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our romantic & sexual lives, marital health and family planning decisions, mental health and safety are underway at the Kinsey Institute. 

Kinsey Institute researchers are working to investigate and document the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our sexual and romantic lives, and its long-term effects on our desire, satisfaction, and emotional well-being. Our goal is to help individuals understand changes to sexuality and intimate relationships brought on by COVID-19, and provide scientific guidance for the development of new therapies that foster resilience and mental health. 

Please consider supporting this important COVID-19 research and other valuable research being conducted at the Kinsey Institute by donating to the Kinsey Institute Research Fund today. 

For more about the current and upcoming research efforts at the Kinsey Institute, please visit https://kinseyinstitute.org/research/covid-19.php


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