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Our community is working to elevate our scholarship opportunities by growing the Johnson County Alumni Scholarship fund.

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The Johnson County Committee, of the Central Indiana IU Alumni Chapter has a long history of providing scholarships to students attending Indiana University. Dating as far back as 1960, we have provided an estimated $45,000 in scholarships to local students. In fiscal year 2020 alone, the IUAA awarded more than $154,000 to 130 recipients!

We currently award $1,000 annually, and are excited to continue our fundraising efforts to expand the impact of this scholarship in our community. We have embarked on an aggressive campaign to raise $25,000 for local students attending any IU campus. Through this campaign, we can assure we are able to provide a minimum $1,000 to local students. We’re asking you to invest in the education of future IU students by contributing to our scholarship fund.

It is through your generosity that we can continue to build the IU legacy. With your donation, you’re becoming a part of our important mission—providing local students the scholarship opportunities they need to make attending IU more affordable.

On behalf of future scholarship recipients and the Johnson County Alumni Scholarship campaign, we thank you wholeheartedly for your support. Every dollar counts.

If you have questions about our scholarship, or would like to discuss a larger gift, please contact Darin Messer at darinmesser@yahoo.com or (317) 640-0254.


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