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Support Indiana's hardest working students with the goal to strengthen Jesse and Beulah Cox's legacy.

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Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox had a vision for Indiana University: that it should always serve as an academic haven for Indiana’s hardest-working residents. The Cox Scholars Program affirms and rewards the efforts of Indiana University students who have demonstrated the motivation and resourcefulness required for success through their part-time work, engagement in their community, and solid academic performance.

Your gift can help us do more for these deserving students, such as fund study abroad opportunities to enrich and spark their intellectual growth, as well as provide emergency funding during difficult times.

We know Jesse and Beulah’s legacy through the Cox Scholars Program is life-changing for students, because they have told us so: “Receiving this opportunity has been great affirmation for me that I CAN achieve whatever I put my mind to and I have the ability to work past seemingly impossible barriers.” That’s why we’re committed strengthening Jesse and Beulah’s legacy. And we hope you’ll join us.

For more information about the IUB Cox Scholars Program, please visit coxscholars.indiana.edu


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