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Ray Bradbury dreamt big. At the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, we have a big dream ourselves: creating a nationally-recognized museum, archive, and outreach center dedicated to preserving Bradbury’s legacy - forever. And we need your help to do it.

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There’s just something about Ray Bradbury. It might be the way he describes every little detail in every story– or it might just be those glasses. One thing is for certain: Bradbury’s dreams, ideas, and words have transformed our world.

At the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, we’re proud to care for an extensive collection of Bradbury’s own papers and artifacts. Like Bradbury, we love to dream, and we have a dream of becoming a nationally-recognized museum, archive, and outreach center dedicated to preserving the legacy of Ray Bradbury - forever.

We now have an opportunity to make that dream into a reality. After a year of planning with experts in museum and library management, we’re ready to launch our newest project: expanding and renovating our current location on IUPUI’s campus (practically tripling in size). And all the new space will mean that we can do much more than ever before.

We know that Ray Bradbury has a special place in many people’s hearts. That’s why we’re committed to preserving – and protecting – his legacy. And we hope you’ll join us.

The Forever 451 Challenge is an opportunity for Bradbury fans to join us in making this dream possible. Our goal is to have 451 individuals donate $100 each.

Can’t afford $100 right now? You can always pledge to donate $20 over 5 years – bringing your total gift to $100. Just contact us (bradbury@iupui.edu) and we can help you out.

Join us in making our dream come true and preserving Bradbury’s legacy – forever.


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