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In 2020, many relied on the Fairbanks School of Public Health to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our faculty, staff, and alumni worked tirelessly to provide information, guidance and precautions at record speed to keep us safe, as well as pave a path for our return to normalcy.

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Behind the scenes, our alumni have risked their health and safety to protect us during the most challenging year of our lives, assuring us that with patience a bright future is still ahead. And they accomplished this while supporting current students through mentorships, internships, and financial aid.

While the challenges we have faced are everywhere, Fairbanks alumni are still responding to our 2019 request to support our students with scholarships to decrease their unmet financial need.

In 2019 on IU Day, we launched the FSPH Alumni Board Scholarship, and this year we will provide four students a $1,000 scholarship from this fund – one more than we were planning thanks to the fundraising success. Supported by gifts of all sizes, this fund shows how our community's collective effort and spirit significantly impact our society and change our future.

Today, we ask you to continue supporting undergraduate student scholarships for first-generation college students who need assistance in pursuit of a degree from the Fairbanks School of Public Health. Each giving level includes an explanation behind a current need or program identified on campus. No matter the amount, all gifts made on this page will directly support the FSPH Alumni Board Scholarship, which will be awarded to a student's bursar account to support their financial need.

  • $35.00 – Average weekly amount of unmet student financial need
  • $43.00 – 43% of IUPUI students face food insecurity
  • $250 – The amount a student receives for volunteering to moderate the First Fridays event with Fairbanks
  • $900 – The average cost of textbooks per year


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