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The life-changing liberal arts education we offer in the College of Arts and Sciences is our purpose and our passion. We strive to give every student an equal opportunity to live and study in a community that embraces the values of anti-racism, equity, and justice. When we do so, we strengthen both our students and our democracy.

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Today we ask you to join us as we renew our commitment to redressing the effects of racism on Black, Native American, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American students. By contributing to the College of Arts and Sciences Fund for Anti-racism, Equity, and Justice, you will help accelerate our progress.

The fund supports a range of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the College. We aim to fill an urgent need by providing support to underrepresented students for career preparation: making funds available for students who need financial help to undertake a valuable internship opportunity or support to attend a national conference in their field of study, for example. The pandemic has only deepened the need. Some students have told us, for example, that they are without funds to secure basics such as WiFi access, desks, and computers needed to participate in a virtual internship or online courses essential to career preparation.

Your contribution to this fund will help us sustain and grow critical initiatives already in place and address an urgent need to create new programs that mobilize every part of the College to ensure that our goals of anti-racism, equity, and justice are established as long-term priorities.

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We appreciate your ideas, and we welcome your comments and suggestions about the College’s ongoing work to promote anti-racism, equity, and justice. Please contact us at collodi@iu.edu or by phone at 812-856-7156.



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