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Giving to the Arts & Sciences Priority Fund makes a big difference. It goes to work immediately, by connecting alumni and ensuring that IU students have the support and services they need to succeed.

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Academic excellence requires more than classroom instruction and coursework. In the College, we offer an endless array of learning experiences and we connect students with opportunities for discovery in action. Our students conduct original research abroad, develop entrepreneurial ideas for real-world applications, volunteer their time and expertise in nonprofit organizations, and refine their professional aspirations through internships. They access amazing possibilities to spark their intellectual growth and prepare them for future success.

It is also the mission of the Arts & Sciences Priority Fund to engage our alumni and to provide meaningful connections with the College. The College of Arts and Sciences alumni are part of a supportive, cohesive community that spans the globe and endures for a lifetime. This fund creates opportunities for alumni to stay connected by attending events, volunteering, serving as student mentors, and offering career guidance.

With your help, our students receive an education that equips them to be active, engaged College alumni in workplaces and communities around the world. Thank you again for your support, partnership, and your gift to the Arts & Sciences Priority Fund.

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